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Course Curriculum

Session 1- Introduction to TMI and DJ’ing
Session 2- Music Genres and DJ Concepts (Bars, BPM, Frequencies)
Session 3- Know your DJ Console – CD players
Session 4- Know your DJ Console – Mixer, Speakers, Headphones
Session 5- Cueing and Releasing
Session 6- Identifying and Pitch Bending
Session 7- Pitching and Mixing
Session 8 – Micing and Test
Session 9- Taking Cueing to the next level (Hot Cues)
Session 10- Releasing – Pro Lessons
Session 11- Training the ear to Identify and Pitch Bend
Session 12- Hands on practice of Pitch Bending and Pitching
Session 13- Essence of DJing – Pitching and Mixing
Session 14 to 16- Perfecting the art of Mixing
Session 17- Test